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If you are searching for Sacred Geometry and mandala illustrations, this is your place. We are doing also Visionary art, psychedelic art, symbolism and esoterism, so please let us know what you have in mind!

Custom paintings

Yes, we have originals! If you ever wondered if you can have your own Yantrart Design custom piece, the answer is yes. Let’s create something nice together!

Tattoo Design

In Yantrart Design we have designed many exclusive tattoo designs for people around the all globe. We are doing from small and simple ones, being those the cheapest, and going to full sleeve designs, full back design and really big ones!

mural painting

We are doing mural painting for businesses, for individuals, and whatever we can, so if you want to give a new catchy look to your shop or you want a mural for your living room, drop us a message and we will send a quote!

Graphic Design

Even though we are an illustration studio, we are also providing graphic design services. We do logotypes in different packages, posters for festivals, events and online pages, business cards and more.


We use to teach and show the process of creating mandalas from the very beginning to the end, also focusing in one single step for the whole workshop if so desired. Contact us if you want our workshops on your festival, event, class!

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